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The Health Insurance Store brings the positive truth of affordable care act & it’s new design for healthcare

With over 150 years of combined expertise, The Health Insurance Store has been formed to address community needs and help find affordable health care insurance for the residents of North Carolina.  Through this confusing time of negative commentary about the Affordable Care Act and changes involved with health insurance reform, our citizens need a place to go for the facts and to learn the truth of how this new law may help them and their families.  Here at The Health Insurance Store, we have the experts to educate you through the maze of the new MarketPlace exchange.

The Health Insurance Store is a place where hard working individuals and families can come to purchase affordable health insurance.  Our relationship, as your agent, provides you with one-on-one consultations to accurately analyze your best option for the medical insurance you need. When you work with The Health Insurance Store, we are committed to helping you today and in the future.  Affordable medical insurance is now available without excuses, exceptions, or limitations!

The Health Insurance Store  is authorized to assist you in comparing plans, providing all carriers available on the MarketPlace.  From helping you with getting your account set-up, to helping you select and enroll in the best medical insurance plan for yourself, to helping you with problems, we are here for you today and tomorrow.

Our location at 2020 South Holden Road, Suite A, Greensboro, NC 27407.  Please visit us or call us now at (336)834-8809 to make an appointment.

“The health insurance store gives us the opportunity to help people buy health insurance fairly, because getting sick in America without insurance is a financial disaster”-Jade Osborne, President of The Health Insurance Store 

“I am looking forward to my wife and myself being able to afford the insurance that we have needed for years”-Mr. J Smith, client of The Health Insurance Store